France - Spain

• We produce and curate exhibitions, multiples, editions and publications dedicated to young artists.

• We have been offering cultural and artistic programs in our residence in Valencia since 2014.


Non-profit Cultural Association Art Made.

President Posokhova Elena.


Art Residence


INSTALLATIONS in art galleries

Art works production

Contemporary artists

Interior by art

Editions by artists


Producer's center:

• promoting new names by making installations which unravel not only the artists’ practice and ideas, but also his/her personality and inner world

• providing professional development and networking opportunities


• Art Made hosts workshops and art community space in their residence on regular basis. These are dedicated to an exchange of knowledge between artists from different cultures and experimentation in various media

• also we propose conducting research in a particular places and institutions

• working on an individual creative project and as a group as well.


realizing limited edition objects of interior decor that carry the artist’s ideas and aesthetics into our daily lives — carpets, tableware, furniture

create your unique interior with series of art pieces and artworks we curate and produce for private and public space