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Maria Agureeva

Maria Agureeva was born in 1985. Graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design (Department of Graphic Design, 2003 — 2009). Lives and works at Moscow. Since 2007 Maria is a member of the Union of Artists IFA. Artist works with installations, objects, videos, performances and photography where she examines the embodiment and interactions with the social environment. A recent solo exhibitions include: „Binary promises”, Pechersky Gallery (Moscow, 2015); „Those females that spoil us infinite”, Pechersky Gallery (Moscow, 2013); „Citius, altius, fortius! Commodification”, together with CTI Factory GridchinHall (Moscow, 2012). She is participant of IX international film festival Andrey Tarkovsky „The Mirror”, Ivanovo (2015) and nominee of Kandinsky Prize (2013).
„My job as an artist is to practice investigation what lies beneath the external phenomena that inhabit mainstream culture.
In my works I focus on the tension between what is considered normal and subjective in relation to the human body: I look into how we model ourselves in the world of clichéd attractiveness, which pushes us to polish our own image just as people polish billions of images on the Internet. I am interested in exploration of the boundaries behind which the body becomes an object like any other.
Whether I use coloured plastic as in sculpture, video and text, or even my own body as in my perfomance, my art is always concerned with the fundamental ambiguity of the contemporary culture of self-design.
Dealing with codes created between mass media and everyday life, questioning the boundaries between subject and object in relation to the public and the private sphere, mirroring scenography in which they appear and in the image through which the world sees us.
I work with installations, objects, videos, performances and photography where I examine the embodiment and interactions with the social environment”