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Myriam Moreno

Myriam Moreno Martinez, 1990, Valencia. In 2008 she enrolledat the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos in the Polytechnic University of Valencia. In 2010, she had her first solo exhibitionThe Nothing, the Infinite”. In 2011 her second solo exhibition „Walls” in the Hall / Youth Center Campoamor. And in 2012 her third solo exhibition „Soft” in the Sala

Dinámica Hall. That same year she was awarded with a
scholarship PROMOE UPV at the China Central Academy of Fine
Arts. In China she finished her degree and participated in
collective exhibitions at CAFA and she had one solo
exhibition in LAAC Center. In 2013 she was invited to join
Space ART ROOM XXI project, driven by the Documentation
Centre of Valencian Contemporary Art „Romà de la Calle”
(CDAVC), with which she had an exhibition at the Museum
Centre del Carme in Valencia.
On her return she tarted Art Jewelry and Object in the
Superior School of Art and Design (EASD), Valencia. In 2014
she was invited again to work with the CDAVC this time with a
solo exhibition, „Serpientes en la piel”. Now she’s working
on her PhD.
Her work is presented in different manifestations such as
performance, sculpture, installation, painting, collage,
jewelry… In her work the concept is as important as the
holder, the materials used are of great significance, possess
its own energy. She uses organic materials such as
wood, bones, insects, seeds… Each element contributes a
specific substance.
„The snake is an universal and timeless symbol, an element
that connects us and makes us reflect about our origins and
our deepest self. This archetype and their meanings, are
repeated in most cultures: their relationship with creation,
fertility, the Goddess and the struggle between good and
evil, the cosmic balance … eventually became my main topic.
It is through this universal archetype from which I build my
artistic work, exploring its many connotations, focusing on
its relationship with femininity.
I work from my feelings and personal experiences to reconnect
with the universal. A complex framework of meanings
encompassing a whole full of subtleties. A personal code,
difficult to unravel at first instance, that composes a
feminist discourse.”