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Natasha Tarr

1982 born in Zlatoust
2011–2013-Graduated from „Baza” Instute of Moscow Art and Culture fund
2005–20011-Gratueted from St.Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Industry by A. Shtiglitz, department of Fine Textiles.
Solo exhibitions
2015 — Project „ With a smiling face or Everything is going to be fine” CTI FABRIKA, Moscow
2014— Project „The only nice things” Gallery Popoffart, VINZAVOD, Moscow
2013 — Project „The most ancient” VINZAVOD. Playground Youth Arts Start. Moscow Group exhibitions
2014 — Project „The living corpse forever” WINZAVOD, Moscow, curator А. Osmolovsky.
2014 — Project „Elektrozavod”. the axhibion: „Landscapes”. Curator`s group: I. Isaev, L.Larionov, D. Filipov.Gallery „Elektrozavod”, Moscow
2013 — Performance „Carpet”, the axhibion „Here it is” the Museum of Modern Art MMOMM, Moscow
2013 — Project „Things”, the axhibion”East-West dichotomy” 11 internaonal Film Fesval of Asian-Pacific countries in Vladivostok
2013 — Project „Our business”.Fabrika, Moscow curator А. Osmolovsky
2013 — Project`s group „Manifesto of the arst”, the axhibion”36 hours”, the fesval grounds joint acon.Rostov-on-Don
2013 — Project „The dull`s me”, the axhibion „Decepve reality” the Museum of Modern Art MMOMM. Moscow

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