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Natasha Tarr

Natasha Tarr was born in 1982 in Zlatoust, Russia.

Gratueted from St.Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Industry by A. Shtiglitz, department of Fine Textiles. Graduated from „Baza” Instute of Moscow Art and Culture (A. Osmolovsky studio).

Tell us about your first show The first solo exhibition was held at „START” – a platform for young contemporary artists and then the exhibition „The only nice things” in the pop / off / art gallery. Important group exhibitions are „Deceptive reality” in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and „Here” in the Museum of Moscow.

What is the main theme in your work — The focus of my research on the person’s social nature — his memory, interaction, non-verbal ways of communication, the individual role in various subcultures, particularly in the Russian regions, through the prism of understanding patterns and ornaments. In my works, I rethinking my personal observations of a person and groups of people — strangers and those around me. The most interesting thing for me is an analysis of actions and their consequences.

What are your favorite materials and art media I'm working in various media. The creation of a theme or project always begins in graphics, with a pen on A4 format. The using of textiles is due to reflection on human needs in decorating environment. The main condition is the physical sensation of the material and its texture.

Tell about your interests out of art — All of the my interests are subject to her art: literature, cinema and leisure are associated with creativity. Russian Classic literature helps to understand the psychology of the Russian mentality, and new ideas appears at meetings with creative group „Syrop”.

Describe the workroom of your dream — Speaking about the workshop of his dreams, I'm thinking about the architectural projects of Peter Zumthor and the integration of architecture and landscape. The most important things are good ventilation system, modern lighting, plenty of light and a wooden floor.

2011–2013-Graduated from „Baza” Instute of Moscow Art and Culture fund
2005–20011-Gratueted from St.Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Industry by A. Shtiglitz, department of Fine Textiles.
Solo exhibitions

2017 — Project „The big B” Gallery Popoffart, VINZAVOD, Moscow

2015Project „ With a smiling face or Everything is going to be fine” CTI FABRIKA, Moscow

2014 — Project „The only nice things” Gallery Popoffart, VINZAVOD, Moscow

2013 — Project „The most ancient” VINZAVOD. Playground Youth Arts Start. Moscow Group exhibitions
2014 — Project „The living corpse forever” WINZAVOD, Moscow, curator А. Osmolovsky.
2014 — Project „Elektrozavod”. the axhibion: „Landscapes”. Curator`s group: I. Isaev, L.Larionov, D. Filipov.Gallery „Elektrozavod”, Moscow
2013 — Performance „Carpet”, the axhibion „Here it is” the Museum of Modern Art MMOMM, Moscow
2013 — Project „Things”, the axhibion”East-West dichotomy” 11 internaonal Film Fesval of Asian-Pacific countries in Vladivostok
2013 — Project „Our business”.Fabrika, Moscow curator А. Osmolovsky
2013 — Project`s group „Manifesto of the arst”, the axhibion”36 hours”, the fesval grounds joint acon.Rostov-on-Don
2013 — Project „The dull`s me”, the axhibion „Decepve reality” the Museum of Modern Art MMOMM. Moscow

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