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Olya Kroytor

Olya Kroytor is a Russian contemporary ar8st, based in Moscow.
She works in the mediums of pain8ng, collage, installa8on, sculpture, image manipula8on and

performance. She is par8cularly renowned for her performance pieces, receiving the Kandinsky
Prize in 2015 in the category of Young ar8st: Project of the Year.
Key figure on the Russian na8onal Art stage, Olya Kroytor has received the 2 successive years
(2016, 2017) the „Garage” Moscow Museum of Modern Art award.
Since 2011, Olya Kroytor has shown her work in many different exhibi8ons. Solo exhibi8ons:
„Unnecessary” (Komnata Gallery, Moscow, 2014), „Dissocia8ve iden8ty disorder” (Moscow
Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, 2011), „Split
personality” (Regina Gallery, Moscow, 2011),
„Composi8on No1” (”Dvorets”, Saint Petersburg, 2010).

ART MADE launched a series of meetings with artists, the first was the already famous Olya Kroytor (Perfomer) at the Solvay Gallery in Paris.