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We invite you to share with us your last experience: events, exhibition, artist’s studio tour. Please fill the form on “membership” allowing you to become a member and to add your news. As a member, you will also get access to “Art Surfing mini residence”. It is a win-win concept, where you can swap your artist’s studio with members. The studio exchange is temporary. No money transaction, art here only matter.

Artist’s studio exchange. Your win-win offer

Artsurfing mini residence is a place where people from art community can swap artist’s studio.

1. Register as a member and get access to the swap platform

2. Post details about studio you are looking for: dates, cities, …

3. Tell other members about your studio. A short description and a few photos are all you need.

4. Exchanges of studios are administered by a Moderator. It will inform members by email that an invitation can be performed

5. No need to match dates and location. Swap for credit which can be used whenever and wherever suits. You can get as many services as you earn credit.