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Interview with artists about collaboration with Art Made Studio

Question 1 — Why were you interested in collaborating with Art Made ?
Question 2 — Was it a positive experience to work on the creation of an object?
Question 3 — Were you pleased with the final result? How would you rate your level of satisfaction?
Question 4 — Can you tell us what your expectations from the project were?

1. It was an interesting experience for me, to see my works in different material, format, and with new meant

2. Yes, the experience was positive and new for me, by creating sketches for these objects I was dealing with objectives connected to other materials and functions of future objects.

3. Yes, I loved the final product for its quality, it's very important. I'm happy for the results.

4. My expectations were already realised as it was in the first place the chance to try the new way of collaboration and to see the created objects, we'll see how they continue to live and evolve.

1. Why were you interested in collaborating with Art Made ? I always intend to create new things through my own drawings. in collaboration with ArtMade, that allows me to show and follow a creative and construtive vision.

2. Very positive. The process of materializing from an idea and a source is always fascinating for me.

3. I always like working with the geometric and mathematical line and I always want to develop more at the level of the composition of the drawing.

4. Can you tell us what your expectations from the project were? The goal during M & O, is to communicate with visitors the idea of design and more to show the universe of my creation.

1. Because connection between art, design and crafts are essential. These kind of projects are really important for the art business that has changed a lot since the global crisis and is in need of new ideas.

2. Yes, it was a positive experience. It creates a new perspective from our own art.

3. I think the final product is satisfactory.

4. Honestly, I didn’t have to much expectations. if a learned something of this business that is difficult to know how will be the development of any project. I was open with the project and it’s results